Balsamic Pear

Balsamic Pear

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The first mention of the pear is found in Homers (9th century BC) epic poem, The Odyssey, confirming that the pear was cultivated in Greece as early as three thousand years ago. The first pear tree was planted in America in 1620 and we've been finding ways to enjoy the taste ever since. You've had them fresh, cooked, spiced, fermented, dried, as a wine or even grown in a bottle smothered by brandy. Now we're proud to bring them to you in our 25 Star White Balsamic, you'll never want them any other way! A classic flavor profile that is the perfect accomplice to any and all of your favorite food festivities. "Pear" it with the Spanish Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Basil Infused Olive Oil or Jalapeño Infused Olive Oil.


We start with IGP certified Balsamic of Modena, aged in barrels up to 12 years, then mix in the sweet juice of d'Anjou pears. The result is a sweet-tart, dark balsamic vinegar with fruity and floral aromas, complex flavor and a balanced acidity. Use it in lieu of regular vinegar in dressings and marinades, add as a finishing touch to wake up roasted chicken, brush on pork as a glaze, or drizzle over hard cheeses - even try it on top of vanilla ice cream.

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