Peruvian Sea Salt

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Peruvian Pink Salt – Medium Grain

Extracted from the salt mines of Maras, located in the Peruvian Andes at 4,000 meters above sea level. A source of high quality salt for the Incan Empire for over 600 years. The Peruvian Pink Salt is hand-harvested from mountain water that seeps into approximately 4,000 terraced ponds.

The ponds, which have been hand-harvested for over 600 years, are now owned by individual families, who, after harvesting, load the salt on the backs of burros to be carried by the long
descent to the town.

Uses : The mineral-rich pond water gives the salt a more pronounced flavour. The crisp texture and bright flavor of the Peruvian Pink Salt make it ideal as a finishing salt, but it also stands up well in any cooked dish.

Peruvian Pink Salt will give a delicate balance of flavor. It is natural source of minerals. Peruvian Pink Salt is ideal for Gourmet Cooking, used by top chefs around the World. Considered one of the best salts for meat, fish and salads.

8 oz.

Medium Grain

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