#2 Black Truffle Sea Salt

  • 1800

Finishing, Table & Cooking - All Natural

We specially ground our Black Truffle salt to be X-Fine for popcorn, chips and fries. This is the perfect salt when you need a light dusting of truffle flavor.

Italian Black Truffle Salt uses the unique power of Sicilian sea salt to intensify the flavor and aroma of this prized Italian mushroom.

All-natural Italian Black Truffle Salt combines the distinct taste of black truffles with pure Sicilian sea salt to create an uncommonly delicious flavoring. A creative chef's dream, black truffle salt adds a hint of earthy, mushroomy flavor to beef, eggs, potatoes and pasta.

Company secret - This is just about the best popcorn salt imaginable. Try it by itself, or compare it to some of the other best salts in our Popcorn Salt Set.

Additional Information
  • Sea salt blended with black truffles
  • 3 oz. resealable bag

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