#1 The Meadow Salt Set - 1 oz Tins

The Meadow Salt Set illustrates the fundamentals of finishing salt in practical as well as playful use, and includes six of the finest salts available anywhere, chosen for their supremely refined flavor, versatility, and high standards of production.

Our starter sets are the best way to explore finishing salts, whether you are a veteran chef, or have never even heard of finishing salt before, or both!

The Meadow Salt Set includes:


  • Pangasinan Star
  • Piran Sel Gris
  • Amabito No Moshio
  • Halen Mon Gold
  • Marlborough Flakey
  • Haleakala Ruby

 Six gourmet sea salts

  • 1oz tins
  • Includes a brochure with detailed explanations of each salt and suggested uses


Pangasinan Star, Piran Sel Gris, Marlborough Flaky, Haleakala Ruby, Amabito No Moshio, Halen Mon Gold