Mediterranean Sea Bass (Branzino)

Branzino, or European Sea Bass, is an iconic Mediterranean fish that ranges from one to three pounds. It has delicate, white flesh and a mild, almost sweet flavor. Its few small bones make for easy filleting or preparing whole, stuffed with lemon and herbs such as parsley and fennel. Branzino makes for an impressive table presentation and is extremely versatile, perfect for grilling, poaching, baking or braising. The fish is a fine centerpiece for all traditional Italian and Greek cookery.

serves 4

2 Tbsp Prima Olive's Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, divided

1 1/2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice

1 tsp table salt, divided

1 pound(s)uncooked branzino (sea bass) fillet(s), or red snapper fillets 4 1/4-lb pieces)

1/8 tsp black pepper

4 spray(s)cooking spray

1/2 cup(s)basil, coarsely chopped

1/2 uncooked fennel bulb(s), very thinly sliced

1 lemon thinly sliced

4 Kalamata olives coarsely chopped(optional)

Heat grill or oven to 375 to medium-high.
Place whole peppers and fennel on baking sheet . Roast at 375 for 15-20 minutes or  grill until peppers are somewhat charred on the outside, turning occasionally, until blackened all over, Immediately transfer peppers to a large bowl and cover tightly with plastic wrap to trap in steam (steam will help loosen the skins). When peppers are cool enough to handle, 10-15 minutes, hold a pepper under running water and rub off (and discard) charred skin with your fingers. Repeat with remaining peppers; remove seeds and coarsely chop peppers.
In a medium bowl, combine chopped peppers, fennel garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and half salt, olives; let sit, stirring occasionally.
Coat fish with remaining oil, remaining salt and pepper. Coat 2 large pieces of foil with cooking spray; place 4 fillets on each piece of foil, skin side-up and poke a few holes in foil. Slide foil onto hot grill(or oven at 350; cook fish until turning golden brown, 3-4 minutes. Flip fish; cook, skin side-down, 2-3 minutes.
Add basil to pepper relish; stir well. Arrange fish on a large platter; top with relish and sliced lemons.Serve immediately 
*Remove skin before eating.