Himalayan Sea Salt

 "Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of Wrote  about the truth of table salt and sugars."Both white table salt and white sugar are devoid of the full spectrum of minerals and other nutrients that protect and enhance your health.
What's really interesting about processed table salt is that it's missing over 80 minerals. But they only put ONE mineral back in -- iodine. That's because iodine is the one mineral that causes the most obvious disease (goiter is sort of hard to not notice)."

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Himalayan Salt, when left raw and in its natural state, is rich in nutrients and minerals. Since many of these elements found within each grain of salt naturally occur within us and in the environment, they are easily absorbed and utilized on a cellular level. Pink Himalayan Salt re-mineralizes the body with minerals and trace elements essential to our health and well being.



 Salt Starter Set- Cork Gift Boxed       

  Salt Slab 8x4x2                             


                    Individual Flaked Sea Salts 



Atlantic   Mesquite Smoked .6oz Black Truffle    3.5 oz       Lemon  Flake .6 oz Taha'a Vanilla  .5 oz 
Alligator Pepper 2.5 oz

Cyprus Hardwood

.6 oz

Ibuno Jio Cherry

.8 oz

French Fleur de Sel

3.5 oz

Ghost Pepper 4.0 oz