#15 Atlantic Mesquite - Smoked Finishing Salt

Atlantic Mesquite smoked salt is produced by a labor-intensive solar evaporation technique developed and perfected by our passionate salt maker on the Maine coast. Seawater is introduced into green houses where it is warmed and evaporated by the Atlantic sun. The seawater is then moved to pans where salt crystals are allowed to precipitate out. 

The resulting salt crystals--warm, balanced, and naturally rich in trace minerals--are painstakingly hand-smoked over mesquite. Temperature and smoking time are carefully controlled in a process that took our saltmaker years to perfect. The resulting finishing salt has a hearty, medium-dense smoky flavor perfect for meats, cheeses, and salads.

This is a true artisan salt from a small, owner-operated company, and production is limited to very small quantities.

Product Features
  • Sea salt smoked with mesquite for a hearty flavor
  • Artisan salt produced by solar evaporation on the Maine coast