#12 Fleur de Sel

The Meadow Fleur de Sel is made in Guatemala from salt pans famed for supplying the Mayan Empire at the height of its power. The salt has delicate crystals, luscious moisture, satisfying crunch, and a rich, balanced mineral taste. Like any fleur de sel, it's generally the best salt for finishing delicate to medium-bodied foods ranging from Caprese salad, to cooked vegetables, eggs, and fish - even leaner meats like pork, game beef filet, etc.

The quality of Meadow Fleur de Sel rivals any salt from the famous salt producing regions of Guérande or Camargue. Though many people believe that a fleur de sel must be from France, this is incorrect. We use the term fleur de sel, a French name with the literal translation of "flower of salt," to describe the type of crystal and quality of salt. Fleurs de sel are produced around the world, including PortugalMexicoItaly, and Philippines.

  • Made in Guatemala
  • 1.2 oz