Extra Virgin Olive Oil Koroneiki

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Koroneiki

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Medium Intensity EVOO. Imported from Greece


Koreneiki oils are noted for their fruitiness and their stability,which means they keep their flavor and freshness a longtime. The Greeks consume more olive oil than any other nation and with this olive oil, you can taste why.

Ten generations of the Konstantopoulos family have been making Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, using traditional, sustainable methods of production that have never been harmful to the earth. Robust and flavorful with a peppery finish, their olive oil is 100% Koroneiki, an olive varietal native to their land that is considered top tier for its high antioxidant level and stable shelf life.

Our goal is to enable our customers to enjoy the taste and health benefits of pure fresh olive oil as close to press date as possible. We at Prima Olive are proud to present to you this premium EVOO for your epicurean pleasures.

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